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Iron Security brings you ironclad solid security systems that offer true peace of mind, thanks to the complete protection they provide. Through advanced technology and state of the art security options, Iron Security brings you 24/7 protection in a class by itself. Customize the exact protection you want and have it delivered via the best security systems found anywhere.

Iron Security: Unrivaled Complete Security

With security systems from Iron Security, you will benefit from superior protection and reliability. In fact, you get more than you ever expected:

• Top-notch tamper-resistant systems
• Outstanding technology
• Easy-to-use control
• Constant home monitoring
• Wireless technology requiring no phone line or Internet connection
• Real-time notifications to alert you via email or text.
• Anywhere system access with mobile apps, remote keyfob and online.

Choosing Iron Security means you are choosing solid, dependable protection you can trust.

Constant Connection

A 24 hour backup battery preserves your protection, regardless of whether you have electricity or not. The wireless system does not depend on a home phone line or Internet connection that can be cut. You are safe thanks to the dedicated connection that Iron Security offers.


Iron Security brings you equipment that is tamper proof so you can rely on it to work when you need it to. Even if an intruder tries to bypass your system by cutting wires, your home security system will continue to work and notify the monitoring center right away.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication is hands-down the most effective method of monitored home security. In the case of an alarm at your home, the two-way communicator is activated and someone within the home must deliver the password in case of false alarms. If that code cannot be provided or it is confirmed that help is needed, the technician on the other end of the line will immediately dispatch help.

Advanced Locking

Iron Security features the technology to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere using the system's remote locking features. You can also use a variety of different security codes, one for each person who needs access to your home for different reasons. Combined with instant alerts you can know in real-time who is entering and exiting your home or business. When you interconnect your various home options, like locks, lights, small appliances and more, you get the kind of control that you have only ever dreamt about.

Remote Control Options

Wireless 2GIG technologies give you multiple ways to control your home security. Using the simple in-home keypad, you can get emergency response, arm, disarm or otherwise control your system. If you've already walked out the door, the convenient keyfob will arm your system. If you are away and realize your system needs to be armed, disarmed or settings changed, you can do it all online or from your smart phone with the Iron Security mobile app.

Instant Alerts

When you invest in an Iron Security system, you get convenient features like real-time alerts that make managing your home or business so much easier. You can set your alerts to be delivered via email or text message. When events happen on your property you get instant notification, so you know what is going on, no matter where you are. You know when an exterior door opens, and by whom. You know if an interior door, to a medicine cabinet or other secure location has been breached. Only this type of alert lets you take advantage of the moment to step in and put a stop to anything that shouldn't be happening.

Protection You Control

Iron Security lets you take control of the protection you have chosen for your home or business. With as many as 48 different wireless security zones, you can create the kind of customized protection that meets your needs perfectly.

Change, monitor and adjust your home security system from anywhere with leading technology from Iron Security. Only our systems are truly interactive, putting complete control in your hands in real time with instant alerts and anywhere control.

Trust the Iron Security team to deliver the kind of security systems you want and need, with home automation, energy management, video monitoring and more to make your home the most protected one on the block.
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