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Choose Only The Best in Home Protection: Iron Security

The Dallas consumer who is looking for trustworthy, solid home or business security can find it in Iron Security. With only the best in technology and a commitment to top-notch customer service, the cutting edge wireless security provider can keep your family or business completely protected. It features the very best in security options, such as video monitoring, interactive systems, home automation, energy management and keyless entry. Going above and beyond your expectations, Iron Security is the #1 Dallas security company.

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Advantages from Iron Security

When you get our security systems, you are completely protected:

- 5-Diamond rated monitoring – the only Dallas security systems provider to offer it.
- Automatic notifications by text or email when something happens at your property
- 2Gig control panel that won the 2012 Security Product of the Year award
- Systems that require no phone line or Internet connection
- Uninterrupted monitoring of your property even when unarmed
- Tamper-proof systems that send a distress call even if smashed
- Convenient security system control online or via the smartphone app.

Dallas Home Security Leader Delivers 5-Diamond Rated Monitoring

Iron Security brings the best in home security systems and monitoring to the Dallas community. The monitoring centers we use are 5-diamond rated by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), a distinction that only 2% of monitoring centers in the country have been awarded. Much harder to earn than UL-listing or FM-approval, this certification tells consumers that they have truly gotten the very best monitoring centers watching out for them.

Put Control in Your Hands with the Top Dallas TX Security Systems Company

For business or home security, Dallas security system provider Iron Security gives you complete control. Its wireless security systems are totally interactive, so that you can access your system when it is convenient for you. Day or night, you can use your smartphone app or the web site to monitor your property or make changes to your settings. With instant alerts that you set up, you are notified whenever an event occurs on your property, so you always know what is happening.

Video Monitoring from the #1 Dallas Security Company Protects You Better

The safest Dallas home security customers are the ones that avail of top quality video monitoring. With Iron Security, you get video monitoring that can be customized to begin recording at specific times or when certain things occur. You also get notifications of specific events, so you can watch live to see what is happening or check it out later with recordings.

For businesses, there is no better security option because the video monitoring allows you to monitor your employees and track customer flow. Whether you are on site or away, it helps you keep control of your business. Recordings are not stored on your equipment, so you don’t have to worry about tampering.

Get Energy Management From Your Home Security System

A Dallas home security system that delivers energy management too is an asset that many consumers love. Connecting your home energy systems to your Iron Security system, allows you to save money on the cost of home energy and be gentler to the earth.

From anywhere you can create automatic settings to adjust heat and light in your home. A smart schedule will make the adjustments at the time you want, so you never come home to a dark, cold house, but you never unnecessarily light and heat a home that no one is in. You can also set up automatic triggers, so that when you arm your home security system, lights and heat automatically adjust. You can even set your system to automatically lock your doors too. Have a smarter, more efficient home that saves you money with the Dallas security systems leader – Iron Security.

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