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Strong security to keep what you treasure safe!

Solid and strong is what you want in a company that is safeguarding what you hold dearest. Protecting your home, loved ones and business is Iron Security's specialty. With a commitment to bringing you the best in technology, Iron Security puts control in your hands from anywhere. Revolutionary Iron Security brings you:
  • Dependable Security Systems
  • Video Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Energy Management




    Dependable Security Systems

    An outstanding security system is one that is interactive. Iron Security delivers systems that work with a variety of other systems in your home and gives you the flexibility of anywhere access. An Iron Security system with 2GIG Technology ensures that you are always aware of what is happening at your home. Custom alerts will tell you in real time when anything out-of-the-ordinary occurs. You can receive alerts via the best method of communication for you: text or email. Features like a two-way communicator and a single touch emergency button make Iron Security the solid dependable service you can trust.

    Home Automation

    Home Automation from Iron Security is all about having a smarter home or business. When you combine your home security, energy and video monitoring systems with advanced technology you get a home that adjusts to what you want and need. Automatic door locking, temperature and lighting adjustments and remote security setting means your home is never vulnerable. Home automation can also be applied to your business. Set your home automation to a schedule that meshes with your lifestyle in order to save money and time. No matter where you are, settings and triggers can be changed with remote access from our keyfob, mobile app or website, as well as from the in-home Go!Control panel.

    Energy Management

    Iron Security brings you total Energy Management for your home. Through interconnection of the various systems in your home, you can save money on the cost of energy and live a greener lifestyle with a reduced carbon footprint. While every business and home uses too much energy due to heating or lighting a building when there is no one there, Iron Security home automation can greatly reduce that wastage. Connect and manage lights, thermostat, small appliances, locks and more from your security system for big energy savings. Simply set up automatic triggers, so that when your system is armed, lights go out and temperatures adjust to energy conservation mode. Alternately, schedules can be set so that whether or not you are at home lighting and temperature adjusts based on your choice. Make changes easily from anywhere, with Iron Security easy access.

    Advanced Video Monitoring

    Iron Security brings you advanced video monitoring that can be readily accessed and controlled from home or away. A mobile app and online access let you watch live or recorded video of your home or business. You can keep an eye on things easily.
    With the technology of Image Sensor you get crystal clear images no matter the lighting. Video monitoring connected to your Iron Security system can be customized to record specific events or time periods. Select recording when doors open, alarms sound or motion is detected for maximum security. Trust off-site storage of your video for the ultimate in tamper-resistant protection.
    Interactive security, energy management, home automation and video monitoring bring you a home that is smarter and more protected than you could ever imagine.
    When you are looking for iron strong security, rely on Iron Security.